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Leaving the Nest

Eventually, the day comes when you need to step out, take the leap, and try to fly all by yourself. Your wings may be tender and your heart may be cautious, but you must be brave and you must take on the challenge, for to sit back and wait any longer would amount to an unbearable punishment.

The time that has lapsed and that has brought us to this moment has been memorable and not without challenge, not without pain. There are memories that ring true and clear as though they just happened, and there are others that have faded into the mosaic fabric of the story. There has been mostly joy in every step taken along our newly created path. Love and passion and determination have been part of the journey, and while we have come to the end of one leg of the journey, a new leg is only just beginning.

I can remember clearly when the dream first came. The dream quickly turned into a plan, which laid the foundation for a course of action to transform the dream into reality. Many challenges and roadblocks arose along the way, but with swift and conscientious determination and action, we prevailed. It took years, but it was time well invested. There was no other option.

There was much learning along the way. Friendship and support presented itself from around every corner we turned. There was questioning and criticism, most of it positive, and all of which served as a driving motivation to succeed. Nothing could stops us. Sometimes there was doubt in the eyes of the facing person, but even that was a force, a propellant, that steered and guided us to where only we could go.

The time has come. With toes up to the edge, the vision is clear out to the horizon. Whether it stays that way is anyone’s guess. The wind blows strong and I can see it beginning to lift you. There is no point in thinking about or fearing what is below. All that matters is what is beyond where you stand now. Your wings are stronger than you think, and your experience is enough to take you where you need to go. Believe it. Step off, headstrong into the world, and take on every challenge and opportunity that comes your way. Embrace everything. The winds of life will carry you as long as it sees fit, and will gently land you where you ultimately need to be. It’s all about the journey, the flight, and the people you see and talk to and impact along the way.

Enjoy the ride, and I’ll be there when you land. Read More 
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