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Seminar: "Becoming a Writer: One Successful Step at a Time"

Bring Dan to your local library to experience his newest writing seminar!

“Becoming a Writer: One Successful Step at a Time” by Dan Burns

Do you have an idea for a story but don’t know where to start? Eliminate your apprehension and roadblocks and write now! Learn Dan’s effective building-block method of story development to get your great idea down onto the page fast and build your story with manageable, successful, and publishable results. Based upon the successful short story-to-screenplay-to-novel approach he used for his Chicago mystery novel, A Fine Line, and the poem-to-stageplay-to-novella, Grace. Interactive, with handouts and Q&A. (Adult, 90 minutes, $300)

Contact Info: daniel_r_burns@msn.com, (630) 915-8808


Seminar Highlights:

  • Your Journey to Becoming a Writer
  • The Five Key Elements of Being a Writer
  • Overview of the Building-Block Approach to Story Development
  • Case Study: A Fine Line 
  • Case Study: Grace
  • Generating Story Ideas (workshop session)
  • Exploring Ideas Through Short Forms
  • Critical Elements of the Story
  • The Poem: A Springboard to Your Writing Future (workshop session)
  • Session Q&A