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GRACE: Stories and a Novella


Grace: Stories and a Novella is a new and exciting collection of five short stories and a novella.




"Redemption" - In a quiet Montana town, an aging writer and his nephew are forced to mesh the past and the present into a future of more significant meaning.


"The Plight of Maximus Octavius Reinhold" - In the new story featuring private investigator Sebastian Drake (from the novel, A Fine Line), the local patrons of a small rural Wisconsin town test Drake's resolve while as he stares into the barrel of a .44 Magnum revolver.


"Hardwired" - A dying man contemplates the end of his life while hoping to pass along a secret legacy to his family. 


"Adrift at Sea" - A seabound journeyman leaves behind the anchor of distraction in the pursuit of a natural world to fuel his creative desires.


"The Final Countdown" - In the year 2110, the Earth struggles to survive as it is ravaged by overpopulation and greed. Food is scarce, and the Youth-run government has no choice but to implement a plan devised and shelved decades earlier: to extradite the elderly population to a remote outpost—on the moon.


And a Novella:


"Grace" - A story of impaired love, betrayal, and redemption, as realized by unknowing characters who experience life through the perception of liquor-bottle glasses. Life is never what it seems. Everyone has secrets. The only question is whether the skeleton key of alcohol will open the closet door and let out the hidden truths.


Includes 26 illustrations by Chicago artist Kelly Maryanski


Hardcover first edition (Fall 2019), 250 pages, Signed by the author
Retail: $26.95  AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER Only $20.00


Trade Paperback first edition (Fall 2019), 250 pages, Signed by the author

Retail: $18.95  AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER Only $15.00


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